men kisser /srs

Hobbies:- Playing guitar
- Singing
- Reading
- Drawing
- Writing
- Going on long walks
- Listening to music (sometimes with my cats)

I am David Bowie and Keith Richards IRL.

Interests:- The Rolling Stones
- Queen
- Glam Rock
- 70s (glam rock) fashion
- 60s-90s music
- Mime
- Cats
- Screenplays/screenplay writing
- Marvel
- Star Wars

Dni if:- You fit basic dni criteria (linked here if needed)
- Systemphobic
- Sexualise cc's
- You're going to tell me I'm not really me/reality check me
- You're going to tell me, "your irls are problematic!!!" or things of the sort. Leave me be.

Byf:- I use and would appreciate tone indicators being used with me, at the least when being complimented since I can never read that tone online
- I tend to cuss,,, a lot sometimes
- I'll repeat random words occasionally
- I have the tendency to talk about drugs without a spoiler or warning (lmk if you need one)
- I sometimes say slurs that I can reclaim


Feel free to int if:- We share interests and/or hobbies
- You are an irl of someone I knew and hung out with!
- You want to talk music and/or fashion with me
- Or whatever! I'm always free for a chat, or to make more friends!